Houses of Worship Around Pearl River

This installment of Iconic Pearl River showcases some of Pearl River’s most historic churches. The Methodist, Lutheran, and Catholic buildings are pictured here along with their history. All three structures were built during the end of the 19thand early 20th centuries. Enjoy you journey into the past.

Pearl River at Work
The latest Iconic Pearl River
This latest group of local history images show various places of work around Pearl River. Factory, farm, resort, and private business were venues of employment for town residents. These photos ranging from the 1930's to the late 1960's, represent the changing nature of buildings and how business was conducted not just here in Pearl River, but around the entire nation. Click here for the latest edition of Iconic Pearl River!

Welcome to the latest installment of historical photographs of Pearl River's yesteryear!

The fall installment of Iconic Pearl River salutes "Back to School” with an early photo of the Odd Fellows Hall where commencement ceremonies were held, a 1903 photo of Pearl River school children and a scene depicting the stores of the Main Street and Central Avenue intersection taken in 1907. Click here to find out what happened to these buildings and for more information about the history of Pearl River and the people who founded this community.  

The Early Years

The Library has an abundance of local history material archived and available to anyone conducting research or just wanting to know more about the community in which they live. Using the website we are able to bring some of these historical articles and treasures directly to you.

This grouping of photographs represent aspects of the lives of the movers and shakers of Pearl River in the 19th century. William Serven, manager of the only lumber and coal store in town lived in a home which reflected his status in the community. His home Roxmont was a testament to a bygone era. The funeral of one of the Dexter brothers shows us how the movers and shakers, like us, were mortal too. These photographs remind us "Do not squander time it is the stuff life is made of.” We hope you enjoy the latest installment of Iconic Pearl River, The Early Years.

Iconic Pearl River
The Pearl River Community is rich in local history and chock full of wonderful stories of bygone eras. The Pearl River Public Library has an abundance of archival material open for all who want to complete research or just take a trip down memory lane. While not everyone can get to the library to pour over these documents and photographs, we have selected a few gems to post here on the website. The first in this series of archival materials to be posted is Iconic Pearl River. Enjoy!

Local History and Archives
Telling the Story of Pearl River
The Library has photographs and ephemera dating from 1872 to present that are significant to the history of the establishment and development of the hamlet of Pearl River. Subjects of interest include the history of the Library, the Dexter Folder Company, Julius Braunsdorf, Lederle Laboratories, local cemeteries, fire departments, civic organizations and the Pearl River Schools.  Many of our materials, such as the Mary Merli Schiavi and George Springsteen Collections, have been generously donated to the Library by individuals in the community. 
The Library is interested in obtaining archival materials from local residents.  All donations will be accepted only after they have been reviewed by library staff to determine if they would be an appropriate addition to our collection.
These archival materials are generally available for view by appointment only.  For more information please contact Jim Cassetta at 735-4084, ext 139.